Please be sure to understand and approve the contents before ordering, and order the product only.


For our product mailing, e-packet uses Japan Post.

In the partner country, it is delivered by the post office of each country or a major courier company.
About tracking of products, you will be able to perform tracking search on Japan Post (post office) or the post office site of the partner country about 24 hours after shipping.


Hakoppy does not accept cash on delivery or cash on delivery.


Since July 1, 2021, some countries of the European Union have decided to apply additional VAT charges on parcels coming from areas outside the EU (including Japan).

Countries like Switzerland, Canada or the United Kingdom are not concerned, because they are not members of the EU.

Although we haven't had any issue for the vast majority of our orders, as the tax is paid in Japan at the time of dispatch, we ask you to keep in mind that we have no control over the application or not of these customs fees.

The recipient is responsible for paying the amount request by the postal service and Hakoppy cannot reimburse you for these charges.

Taxation rules are subject to change, so please check with the relevant departments of each country as much as possible (the information provided here is for reference only and does not guarantee certainty).
Since the probability of actually opening the package is quite low, there are many cases where tax is not levied even if the package exceeds the upper limit (however, tax evasion is strictly prohibited).