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$49.90 USD
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$55.90 USD
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$49.90 USD

Special premium set.
We have a selection of Japanese sweets that are more expensive than Basic Hakoppy.
It is a set where you can enjoy not only the taste of sweets but also Japanese sweets technology!
Try eating luxuriously alone, or try eating together.
If you want to enjoy Japanese sweets deeply, please come!

Come as a gift for your family and friends!



*We deliver snacks from Japan to your home.
*Shipping cost is included in the price.
*Shipment will be made in 3 to 5 days if all informations including payment terms are confirmed, but due to the effect of Covid-19 , transportation may be delayed.
*Depending on purchase lot and price, import taxes may be incurred by in each country of destination, which shall be borne by importer.

*Please understand some snack products contain allergens.

*If you want to know the allergens contained in sweets, please check this list.

List of allergens (confectionery)